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Remember making that bucket list when you were younger? You had an idea of all the things you wanted to do in this life. Well, just because you’ve hit 55 doesn’t mean that list stops. In fact, you could add some things to the list! Here are 55 things to do after 55.

  1. Go on a road trip
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Try some dancing
  4. Take up a new hobby
  5. Scuba dive
  6. Volunteer
  7. Enjoy more fine dining
  8. Conquer a fear
  9. Be a mentor
  10. Go camping
  11. Travel
  12. Concerts
  13. Become an activist
  14. Live within your means
  15. Learn to paint
  16. Start a business
  17. Get a part-time job in something fun that you’d love
  18. Teach
  19. Babysit
  20. Take a course
  21. Start a new passion-based degree
  22. Write a book
  23. Learn an instrument
  24. Join a fitness group
  25. Do nothing and just enjoy
  26. Hit the beach
  27. Visit the mountains
  28. Become an Olympian (there’s no age limit on Olympians and plenty of sports you can master)
  29. Plant a garden
  30. Volunteer at the zoo
  31. Become a model (yes, modeling agencies do want those who are middle-aged and older)
  32. Invent something
  33. Become the family history aficionado
  34. Become a local historian
  35. Take up baking
  36. Start a blog
  37. Run for office
  38. Get a handle on your healthcare
  39. Drop a bad habit
  40. Visit friends more
  41. Enjoy sleeping in
  42. Or staying up later
  43. Sewing
  44. Learn to cook a new dish or style of cuisine
  45. Learn calligraphy
  46. Yoga
  47. Hiking
  48. Prepare for retirement
  49. Take more vacations while still working
  50. Start public speaking and become a master at it
  51. Splurge on the thing you’ve always wanted
  52. See the Northern Lights
  53. Pay off all your debt
  54. Renew wedding vows
  55. Have fun!

You’ve worked hard for decades, and now it’s time to enjoy life on your own terms.