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And that’s why I moved to Sanatoga Ridge!

“I was looking for an affordable place with spacious cheerful rooms in a location close to everything where I was free from the drudgery of mowing and shoveling, and a community rich in things to do.”


Sanatoga Ridge is a perfect fit for us! We’ve been able to continue volunteering at a museum we’ve been associated with for over a decade, as well as join other volunteer activities. SRC’s caring and efficient staff takes care of the labor and maintenance that had become difficult for us. As a result, we have a cottage that’s just right for our needs, use of the on-site workshop, and a view of the lovely grounds that includes a charming gazebo. The campus is so lovely that it seems a “world away” while being close to stores, medical facilities, libraries, colleges and cultural activities. We couldn’t be happier.

Betty and Charlie

After attending an open house and being informed of the cost per month to live in the community versus our cost for living per month in our home, it definitely was to our advantage to make the move. We also were so happy to be relieved of the responsibilities of maintaining a large house and yard.

The serenity and safety of the community is most appealing. You have the freedom to walk, jog, or ride a bicycle without the concern of traffic. And if you choose to sit on your porch and read a book, it is peaceful to do so. As far as camaraderie that is there for your choosing.