We’ve all experienced the sudden loss of someone we care about and the last thing we want to think about is planning their funeral. It seems entirely overwhelming. You aren’t sure where to begin when you are in the early stages of grief. One thing you can do to help your family is to pre-plan your funeral. This takes all the emotions out, any family feuds (not the kind Steve Harvey has) and makes the whole process a little bit easier allowing your family more time to cope.

One can plan their entire funeral from the type of service, viewings, receptions, personal touches, special guests you want notified, music, etc. There is no limit here. With a lot to consider, pre-planning makes life a little easier on your family when the time comes.

It can also be an easy way to eliminate financial responsibility for your family. If you intend to leave the family with some financial assets, will they be able to gain access in time to plan the funeral? It’s a possibility they could not, and you’re left with a service that doesn’t speak for you the way you would want it to.

Planning your funeral ensures your final wishes are carried out. Families sometimes argue about what it is they think you would want. It comes from a place of love during this difficult time, making it more emotionally charged. While we can understand how difficult this time of loss will be, preventing it can help you feel better. By pre-planning, you ensure no one is fighting over your arrangements and you get everything you wanted to celebrate your life.

Most pre-planned funerals can be arranged in a week or less. You get to ensure every detail is what you wanted. Have you found the right music? The right funeral home? Smaller details may end up lost or forgotten about by families preparing a funeral after death. It’s important to celebrate your life in a way that is reflective of the things you want and that includes smaller details.

I Want a Fun Funeral is a great resource to help you plan the celebration you truly deserve. Pre-planning can sound scary; downright terrifying because of the nature of the subject. By taking control of the funeral, you take control of your life to the very end.