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Living your best life is a phrase that can be heard by millennials all over the world because there’s an intense focus on happiness. Millennials have adopted this idea that life is about more and they’re putting personal satisfaction as a top priority. Now, we know most articles will tell you there’s not a lot of value in millennials, but we disagree. This concept of living your best life is something that you can adapt. Here are some great ways you can live your best life after 50.

  1. Make a plan

Now is the time to decide how you want to live the next half of your life. Maybe that means working less? Taking up camping or a new hobby? Whatever your intentions are for the next 50 years, set your goals now. Living your best life doesn’t mean living without abandon, it means living life on your terms – so decide what those terms will be.

  1. Get social

Make your social life a priority. In our younger years, we focused so much on kids and career. There’s very little time for friends and yourself. Now is that time. Now that the kids are moving out, hopefully, it’s time to put the focus back on you. Start connecting with old friends. Join a club and make new friends. Start a regularly scheduled brunch date with your friends. Whatever it is that brings you joy socially, do it.

  1. Sleep

Sounds like weird advice, right? We know. Rest, however, is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. When we have immense stresses, for instance, from jobs, kids, obligations, etc. we get less than the recommend quality sleep. Now is the time to make sleep a priority. You should be getting 7-9 quality hours of sleep per night. Now is the time to start. Sleep is crucial to peak physical and mental health. To live your best life, you need to be there physically and mentally.

  1. Work on the “self-talk”

You know that little voice in your head that tells you that you’ll fail if you try, well it’s time to change that voice. Sometimes we have this negative inner critic that prevents us from really doing the things we love doing. If the things your inner critic says are not something you’d say to your children, it’s time to stop saying it to yourself. When you replace those negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll see a drastic increase in how happy you are.

Living your best life means doing the things that excite you, the things that light you up, things that make you happy. Be sure to be open to new experiences as you embark on this new journey.