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You have now reached an age in your life when you start thinking “what’s next for me?” You’re not ready for an assisted living facility. You like the idea of “aging in place” but your home is getting to be a burden. What happens as you age?  What changes do you need to consider and when? Your doctor has already mentioned it would be a good idea to put grab bars in your shower! Do you have a second floor? Is your laundry in the basement? You may have to incur the expense of installing a stair glider. And the taxes! They keep going up and it gets harder to save monthly to be prepared for the tax bill let alone the money for prescriptions.

What if there was another alternative; somewhere you could “age in place’ without the burdens of home ownership? Why not consider a senior living community? What would that look like?

Sanatoga Ridge Community is a unique retirement community. The house (or if you prefer, the apartment) is painted, carpeted and the kitchen updated with new appliances before you move in. If an appliance stops working – you’re covered. Sanatoga Ridge will repair or replace any of your kitchen appliances or heating units at no cost to you.

Landscaping, outdoor maintenance, trash removal, taxes and more are all part of your reasonable monthly maintenance fee. What? Wait, taxes? Yes, no more having to worry about saving for that next tax bill.

Concerned about mobility issues:

  • The homes are on one floor
  • Second story apartments are accessible by elevators
  • Grab bars can be installed before you move in.

If you need more assistance, no need for an expensive, impersonal assisted living facility, at Sanatoga Ridge you can bring in the care you need. You will be surrounded by neighbors regularly checking in; you won’t need to worry about being alone. By removing the cares of home ownership, you may live a longer more vibrant life.

And finally, think about your family. When you are gone, they will only need to remove your belongings. Sanatoga Ridge takes it from there, preparing the house for sale and managing the sale.

Come see Sanatoga Ridge for yourself.  Call 610-326-6282 to make an appointment or visit