Thanks to a global pandemic, many seniors have found themselves with lots of extra time on their hands since many normal activities have been put on hold due to social distancing restrictions. One idea for lifting your spirits and passing the time is to make some attractive holiday crafts that can make your home more cheerful and festive. And you can even give them as gifts to your family and friends. Here are some holiday craft ideas that are fairly easy:

  1. Make a Gratitude Tree: Making a gratitude list is an instant recipe for improving your mood. This craft, which is perfect in preparation for Thanksgiving, provides a fun activity and also allows you to reflect on the good things in your life. For instructions, visit:
  2. Coffee Filter Thanksgiving Wreath: With a foam Styrofoam wreath form, about 200 unbleached coffee filters and a glue gun, you can make a beautiful fall wreath and decorate it with pine cones, fall flowers, or anything your imagination dreams up! For instructions, visit:
  3. Holiday Candy Containers: Made of glass globes and terracotta plant pots, these candy jars look like old-fashioned gumball machines. You can fill them with your favorite candies and offer them to visitors.
  4. Homemade Holiday Cards: While it’s true that holiday greeting cards aren’t as popular as they used to be due to email and other digital tools, this year more than ever, getting in touch the old-fashioned way will be appreciated. Homemade cards can add an extra-special touch because they show your family and friends that you took the time to make something for them rather than buying cards at the store. Here are some ideas for making holiday cards from Good Housekeeping magazine:
  5. Holiday Heating Pad: If you get comfort from minor aches and pains with a heating pad but don’t like being confined, this homemade heating pad comes in very handy. With a bag of rice, holiday kitchen towels and a little sewing, you can make a homemade heating pad that doesn’t require electricity (other than heating it in the microwave). For instructions, visit:
  6. Waterless Snow Globes: These are just as pretty as liquid snow globes, but you don’t have to ever worry about the liquid evaporating! And since they’re made with mason jars, they are much less fragile! For instructions, visit:
  7. Cookie Cutter Ornaments: Cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes can be transformed into framed ornaments to display your most treasured photos of family and friends. This Martha Stewart craft can be found at:
  8. Orange and Clove Scented Pomander Balls:With a handful of oranges and jar of cloves, you can make these beautiful-scented decorations that will make your home smell like the season. For instructions from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, visit:,week%2C%20turning%20once%20a%20day.
  9. Holiday Face Masks:You can’t have too many protective face masks these days, and they are unfortunately become a staple of our wardrobes. Holiday-themed masks make great gifts for family and friends, or you can make them in other themes that can be used after the holidays are over. Joann Fabrics has a variety of instructions for making masks for all different skill levels:
  10. Upside Down Wine Glass Candle Holders: Buy wine glasses at the dollar store and turn them upside down to make beautiful decorative holiday candle holders. Here’s a YouTube video that will show you the basics, but you can put your own spin on the idea too:

These are just a few ideas for holiday crafting activities, but the possibilities are endless. Just Google “Holiday Crafts for Seniors” and you will be served literally thousands of ideas. Find the ones that appeal to you the most and get busy!