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For many seniors, the old model of “stop work and smell the roses” for 20 years has become a relic of a bygone age.  The appeal of a lifestyle of frequent travel, golf, and part-time babysitting for grandchildren can be alluring, but it isn’t always as great as what has been advertised.

Frankly, the sudden cessation of work after 40 years of a daily grind can be unhealthy.  Research has shown that people who stay engaged in some form of work live longer than those who stop altogether.

To maintain your health for life, continuing to immerse your mind in work is the best way to remain vibrant.  If you are 70 years of age, you could easily have another 20 years of healthy aging if you live a life of purpose, maintain a proper diet and exercise.  Staying in the game – at least part time – can be a really healthy strategy.

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Here are a few reasons why working beyond the traditional retirement age is a healthy thing to consider.

  • The stop work model might be harmful to one’s health, both physically and mentally.
  • Being out of the game means you are no longer perceived as a player. Accompanying that reality is the loss of daily interactions with friends and the work-related social events that you formerly enjoyed.
  • Traditional retirement brings a change in relationships, and, very often, the new constant interaction in the house can put a strain on a marriage.
  • Once people, particularly high-achievers, retire, they often feel a loss of accomplishment and no longer experience the joy of getting work done.
  • We all benefit by maintaining some structure in our lives with daily routines, such as leaving the house for work, at least part of the week.
  • It pays to keep working, and for many baby-boomers, there is a need for additional income.
  • Continuing to learn keeps you mentally and physically sharp.
  • Happy people often stay that way by maintaining a diversity of experience. They benefit from being able to cycle in and out of work and play

Baby boomers have championed a new model for retirement.  They recognize that a rewarding life allows for a rich diversity of work and leisure.  The baby boomer model also incorporates exercise and proper diet as part of a program of healthy aging.