What’s New at Sanatoga Ridge?

A Hand-Painted Welcome!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – July 27, 2022

One of the special things about Sanatoga Ridge Community is the fact that nearly all of our clubs, classes, trips, and personal touches are resident-driven.  Want to start a pickle ball team?  Feel like running an exercise class?  Always wanted to plan parties and events?  Have a special talent you’d like to teach others?  Residents are welcome to  celebrate and share their talents with others in the community!  Pictured above are hand-painted “Welcome Rocks,” created by resident and former art teacher Wanda, which are placed by the Sales Team in the front garden of each new resident to celebrate his arrival!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – July 17, 2022

Does YOUR retirement community have a community garden?  Ours does!  Residents can choose a small or large plot in which they can grow whatever they like!  Our 2022 garden is one of our best ever… We have zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, peas, tomatoes, lettuces, herbs, and even marigolds and zinnias!  Pictured above is a proud resident showing off the first zucchini of the season!  Nothing like fresh veggies or a home-grown salad for dinner!

Girls’ Night Out!  (No Boys Allowed)


Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – June 23, 2022

This photo is a classic as we gathered all 7 Nancys for a quick shot!  More than 65 ladies from both Sanatoga Ridge Community and our sister community, Buchert Ridge Community, came out to celebrate a long-awaited Girls’ Night Out.  On hold for nearly two years because of COVID, a grand time was had by all, as we got caught up, met new friends, and reconnected with old ones!  Mark your calendar for the next one….. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 at 6:00 PM!

Hospice: What It Is, What It’s Not…


Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – June 22,2022

Join us for an informational seminar on hospice.  What is it exactly?  How does one go about securing it?  can it be different for different people?  When is it suggested?  What are some of the different  types of help available?  Educate yourself so you have the facts.  This important informational seminar is open to the public, and all are welcome!  Location: Sanatoga Ridge Community 2462 East High Street, Pottstown, PA  19464

Pickleball Ribbon Cutting!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – June 06, 2022

Clapping and laughing surrounded the ribbon cutting of our new pickleball court!  It was an exciting day as we learned how to play the game (very easy) how to serve, (not too bad) and how to announce and keep score (us, them, server number). Experienced pickleball-playing residents offered private lessons to more than 20 residents eager to learn the game!  Join us every Friday morning from 9 – 11 AM at the Pickleball Court to learn the game or to cheer our players on!

Get The Facts!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – May 13, 2022

Do you have your documents in order?  Do you know when each is needed, and how often to update them?  Get the facts from experienced elder law attorney, Rebecca Hobbs of O’Donnell, Weiss, & Mattei, of Pottstown on Wednesday, May 25 at 10 AM. This informational seminar is open to the public, and all are welcome!  Location: Sanatoga Ridge Community 2462 East High Street, Pottstown, PA  19464  RSVP to 610-326-6282 by May 20 to let us know you’ll join us!

A Treasure Trove of Classes, Activities, Trips, & Volunteer Opportunities!


Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – May 12, 2022

Come hear about TRAAC, the Tri-County Active Adult Center in Pottstown!  Formerly called the Pottstown Senior Center, anyone over the age of 55 can join and participate in many amazing choices of activities, classes, exercise, presentations, and more!  New additions to TRAAC include a Genealogy class, Learn to Speak Spanish, Tai Chi, Bridge, and Self-Defense!  Old favorites are also available such as meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Shuffleboard, Dominoes, and Chair Exercise!  Try out a trip on The Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise and a stop at the Sugarhouse Casino, the Railway & Paddlewheel trip, or the Southern charm tour of Savannah and Jekyll Island.  A new 6-night River Tour on the Danube River in Vienna is even offered!  Join us on Thursday, May 19 at 10:30 am in the SRC Auditorium to hear all about it!

Join Us for Today’s Phillies Game!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – May 11, 2022

No need to RSVP…All are welcome!  Grab a friend and your snacks and join us in our comfy Sanatoga Ridge Game Room to catch the Phillies Game today!  Opening at 3:40 pm, come cheer the Phillies on as they wipe out the Seattle Mariners!

The Health Benefits of Laughter!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – May 10, 2022

The program LAUGH A DAY is about the benefits of LAUGHTER.  Studies have shown that LAUGHTER can decrease the fear of loneliness.  Laughter can also suppress the effects of anger.  It has been proven to improve your health, shorten hospital stays, increase recovery times from surgery, and lower blood pressure.  This fun presentation will discuss how LAUGHTER does all of these things!  RSVP to 610-326-6282 by May 13 to join us!

A Surprise Spring Visitor at the Door!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – April 14,2022

Residents at Sanatoga Ridge were delighted today when they answered their doorbell and discovered a surprise visitor bearing jelly beans and Easter wishes!

Trying Our Hand at a Eggs-ceptionally Tricky Craft!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – April 01, 2022

Sanatoga Ridge residents tried their hand at Pysanky, a Ukrainian tradition of decorating eggs using a wax-resist method similar to batik.  Using a kistka, a small wooden tool with a metal funnel which holds melted beeswax, residents drew their designs on the eggs.  Eggs are dipped in dye, and a new layer of the design is drawn with more beeswax.  After several layers of drawing with hot wax and several baths in dye, the wax is then melted off, and the design remains on the egg.  For most, this was a first-time eggs-perience, and though quite challenging, was enjoyed by all!

Spring Has Sprung!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 23, 2022

Never have we ever been more ready for Spring than we are this year!  Warmer weather means residents are outside on our walking paths, chatting in the gazebos, and admiring our first Spring blooms!  We’re all so happy to see the yellow daffodils and purple pansies and crocuses all nodding their heads, “Yes! Spring has Sprung!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 17, 2022

Top O’ The Morning to you from our very own leprechaun, Jon Kline, who wears many hats at Sanatoga Ridge.  Eccentric and a bit quirky, and taller than most leprechauns, he is hard to pin down, as he bounces around campus saying hello to residents, and occasionally playing pranks.  You may spot him walking through a renovation in progress, leading a tour for prospective residents, or extolling the luckiest parts of living at Sanatoga Ridge.  When he’s not out and about, you can find him in our Sales Office

A Library at Your Doorstep, Literally!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 15, 2022

The Words on Wheels Bookmobile (an amazing library on wheels, part of the Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library) visits Sanatoga Ridge Community Center parking lot the second Monday of every month from 10:00 am – 10:30 am.   Alex, the WOW Bookmobile manager, is well-versed in literature of many genres, (no pun intended) and can recommend new books for you once he learns your reading preferences!   Visitors to the Bookmobile are provided with a monthly list of New Best Sellers to make sure you are keeping current with your reading.  Books are also available in large print or Audio CDs.  To request a specific book, please call 610-278-5100 extension 7, and Alex will try to secure it for you by his next visit!

300 Pounds of Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Eggs!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 14, 2022

So many multi-talented residents mean that there is always something happening on our campus!!   These residents and friends have gathered for more than 20 years to make chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs, donating profits to Out of The Darkness, a national suicide awareness and prevention organization.  Clearly, they’ve got it down to a science with separate stations for making the batter, rolling the eggs, freezing the eggs, inserting the toothpicks, dipping the eggs, removing the toothpicks, weighing the eggs, and boxing them up.  This month alone, they will make over 300 pounds of chocolate covered eggs; some peanut butter and some coconut!

Monthly Lunch Bunch Bus Trip!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 11, 2022

Who doesn’t love to eat?  Past Lunch Bunch trips include eateries such as Copperfield’s, Yellow House, and Energy Station.  This month our Lunch Bunch tried Vincenzo’s in Douglassville.  We hadn’t quite picked up the whole gang yet when this photo was snapped; 25 residents met for lunch today on this windy Friday!  Some carpooled with friends and neighbors for the trip, and some rode on our 14-passenger Community Bus, making for an entertaining ride to and from lunch!   Check out your Monthly Newsletter to see where we’ll go next month, and join us by signing up for the trip in the Main Office!  Our Lunch Bunch travels the second Friday of the month!

Four-Footed Feline Friendly

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 10, 2022

YES!   Our beautiful garden apartments are PURR-fectly pussycat-friendly!  Complete with sunrooms and cozy covered porches, our garden apartments are just the place to curl up with a cup of tea and the morning paper!

In Like a Lion: A Warm Way to Meet New Friends!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 03, 2022

As the weather breaks, it’s so great to see everyone out and about!  Lots of smiling faces at this morning’s Coffee Hour as residents caught up with friends and neighbors!  We celebrated a beautiful March morning with coffee, tea, and fellowship!

What Kind of Ball Did You Say?

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – March 01, 2022

Brought to us by new resident Ernie, PICKLEBALL is a paddleball sport which combines elements of badminton, table tennis, & tennis. Two or four players use wooden paddles to hit a ball, much like a whiffle ball, over a net on our tennis courts.  Anyone can learn this fun game!  Sign up in the office to add your name to our team!

No Bones About It!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – February 21, 2022

Sanatoga Ridge cottages are dog-friendly!   Pups both big and small enjoy walking on our curb-free sidewalks and nature trails along our cottages!  Lovey, Marley, Fiona, Roger, and Annie are looking forward to giving you a wet-nosed kiss!

It’s Puzzling!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – February 10, 2022

What to do during those long winter days?  Grab a neighbor and pop into the Community Center!  Stop at Carol’s Café and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and settle in with a good puzzle! We’ve got a whole wall of puzzles to choose from!

Looking for Something Creative to Do?

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – January 25, 2022

Check out our onsite Wood Shop! We’ve got nearly every tool imaginable! Use your imagination to create a new project, refinish a piece of furniture, make a repair, or dream up something crafty!

Just Arrived: Brand New Air Hockey Table!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – January 12, 2022

Winter blues got you down? Cabin fever making you crazy? Pop into our Game Room at the Community Center and challenge a friend to a game of Air Hockey on our brand new full-sized Air Hockey Table! Play a game of darts, chess, checkers, bingo, or billiards! Grab a few neighbors and watch the game on the TV! Bring along a few snacks if you like! Plenty of games, puzzles, and dominoes to play, as well! When was the last time you spent time hanging out in our Game Room?

New Year, New Home!

Sanatoga Ridge Sales & Marketing – January 4, 2022

Every home at Sanatoga Ridge boasts brand new options that YOU choose! Check out our beautiful new tile backsplash, under cabinet lighting, luxury vinyl plank flooring, lighting package, and slate appliances! Visit us today to choose YOURS!